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Plan Management

Let us do the juggling. 

We work directly with your service providers to ensure invoice processing and payments are seamless. 

Speech Pathology 

Speech pathology specialists assess, diagnose, and treat speech, listening and communication concerns, as well as provide assistance with mealtime difficulties that can include eating, drinking and swallowing.

Plan Management is one of the three ways to manage your NDIS funding. Plan Management is when a service provider takes care of the financial side of things for you. The Plan Manager looks after managing and monitoring your budget, paying service provider’s invoices quickly and generating monthly reports to keep track of things.

At 123 Support Services, we provide speech pathology and speech therapy to homes, schools, childcare centres, workplaces, and more. Speech Pathologists work with children and adults in order to help them understand and use language effectively, communicate and regulate their feelings, and reduce difficult behaviours that may have to do with communication barriers.

Our Plan Management team is here to assist you
understand your Plan and manage your funding,
to best reach your goals.

Assisting you with:

Fast Invoice
Your Choice
of Providers
No Out of
Pocket Cost
Easy to use
Online App

Our Values

At 123 Support Services, we have a strong commitment to our values. 

We are passionately dedicated to being: 

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